Work in Progress #2



Here it is! The second installment of Work In Progress. It’s been almost two months since my last update and a lot of projects are coming to an end, while others are just getting started.

As promised in the first Work In Progress (or WIP from now on) I’ve added two projects that have since been completed. These are the facade design for the Delfts Bedrijven Spectrum and the Team Shirts for our 2011 tennis competition. Check out the project pages for more information and images.

These last few weeks (and one more to go) have been crazy. The deadlines for all my university courses are coming and going one by one so I’m constantly switching towards the next project to finish. Stressful times, but this also has a positive side. Over the next few weeks I will be adding at least two new architectural projects and an update to my collection of cartoons for B News.

Besides finishing the last of my courses for this semester next week, I have some interesting new projects to look forward to. Another architectural assignment is already underway and together with Creatieve Krachten and Bart Kaskes I’m working on a sustainable project for the University of Technology in Delft.

As I said, interesting stuff. So don’t stay away for too long and check back soon for the new updates!