About deBosDesign

DeBosDesign is the personal design studio of Thomas de Bos, architect and graphic designer living in The Hague (The Netherlands). I will use deBosDesign.nl as my online portfolio as well as a general design blog.


What deBosDesign can do for you

As deBosDesign I work on a wide range of design projects. Below you will find an overview of the main categories.

Architecture & Landscaping

- Architectural design of dwellings and (semi-)public buildings.
- Rebuilding of and addition to existing buildings.
- Renovation and re-use of existing buildings.
- Garden design and small scale urban design projects.

Interior design & Furniture

- Interior architecture for existing buildings as well as new buildings.
- Advice on floor plan lay-out, color, finishes, furniture and accessories.
- Design of custom made furniture.

Web Design & Graphic Design

- Design and re-design of websites.
- Design of graphical elements for online and offline use.
- Design of flyers, posters, magazines, books and other printed media.

Illustration & Branding

- Design of logos, business cards and complete corporate identities.
- Illustrations for online as well as offline use.
- Drawing of cartoons and (short) comics.


How deBosDesign works

Every project is different, but the design process is often made up of the same steps. Below you will find an overview of the basic steps for a typical design project.

- Every project starts with the clients wishes. These wishes are collected in the project brief that acts as a guide throughout the design process.
- After analyzing the brief and some additional research I will form a concept for the design.
- When we decide on a concept I will develop one or more preliminary designs in which several possibilities are tested.
- The chosen preliminary design is then worked out into the final design which incorporates all the remarks and feedback.
- After presenting the final design the project will officially be completed.


How you can contact deBosDesign

For a free quotation please contact us. I will usually respond within two business days.