deBos Design now selling on



Starting this month, deBos Design is selling designs on, a webshop specialized in T-Shirts and other apparel and accessories.  Continue reading

5,000+ Cards sold on!



Since august 2015 deBos Design has sold over 5,000 cards on! In the past few months a lot of new cards have been added to the shop. Click here to go directly to the deBos Design card shop to check out all the new designs!

50 Cards sold on!



In just a couple of weeks deBos Design has already sold more than 50 greeting cards on Kaartje2go! A big thank you to everyone who purchased one of my designs and thank you Kaartje2go for offering such a designer friendly way to put my designs on the market. Continue reading

Work in Progress #3



I guess time does fly when you’re having fun (or when you’re really busy). This third installment of WiP has been six months in the making but I only just now got around to actually putting it online. I have quite simply been too busy the past half year. Continue reading

Work in Progress #2



Here it is! The second installment of Work In Progress. It’s been almost two months since my last update and a lot of projects are coming to an end, while others are just getting started. Continue reading